Supporting student writers is essential to the Cobb County English Language Arts Department’s commitment to balanced literacy instruction. Inspiring students to choose writing topics that are of interest to them is critical in supporting student voice.

On April 26, Cobb County School District’s English Language Arts Department hosted our district’s Writing Fair celebration at Lovinggood Middle School. This opportunity highlighted the rich and wonderful writing that occurs throughout our district. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators shared the evening with acknowledging the writing successes for our K-12 authors that won their grade levels’ category.

In addition, Hendricks Elementary established a quarterly writing celebration in which teachers, students, administrators, and parents review student writing samples. The school buzzes with excitement as students read aloud their work and sit side by side with parents and teachers to share their writing samples from the finished unit. Oral and written commentary is fostered as a constructive opportunity to gain feedback from the writer’s audience.

Elizabeth Cobia, Supervisor
English Language Arts

Contributing Author: Leila Barber, Professional Learning Specialist
K-5 English Language Arts

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