Dodgen Middle School competed at the National Science Olympiad Tournament May 18th-19th at Colorado State University.

Dodgen Middle School sent its Science Olympiad team to the national tournament for the sixth year in a row this past May. The team, comprised of 15 students, ranked 24th out of 60 total teams. Several team members received medals for their exemplary performance in the following events:

  • Meteorology – 1st place 
  • Road Scholar – 5th place
  • Dynamic Planet – 6th place

Emphasizing problem-solving, collaboration, and engaging science instruction, Science Olympiad is growing faster in Georgia than in any other state. Up to two teams per school can participate, with team-members preparing for tournament events throughout the year. Over twenty events are offered at a tournament, falling into two categories. In test events, pairs of students work together to showcase their knowledge in topics ranging from infectious diseases to meteorology. The tests are rigorous; for example, middle school students are expected to have the knowledge base of a high school freshman or sophomore for a given topic. Building events require students to apply engineering design skills to construct anything from a bridge to a bottle rocket. Points are awarded based on how closely the design meets the criteria and constraints and how well it performs.

Christian Cali, Supervisor

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