Cobb’s Special Education Parent Mentors enhance communication between parents and educators to ensure greater success and better outcomes for students with disabilities.  As parents of special education students, their goal is to help parents understand their role in their children’s education and to provide guidance, resources and programs to help them navigate the Special Education process. Our Special Education Parent Mentors provide confidential support for parental concerns and questions.  They present a parent’s perspective as they promote collaboration between families and educators.  The mentors also supply resources to families of children with special needs, and they maintain a website with links to guide parents to information such as waivers, support groups, camps and community programs. Ongoing Parent University and VIP Workshop sessions hosted by our mentors will focus on topics important to the families of Cobb’s students with disabilities.  Topics include safety, challenging behaviors, communication skills, the IEP process, and using technology, along with the annual resource fair. Our Special Education Parent Mentors are here to educate, advise and support Cobb’s families.  They are part of the broader Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership whose mission statement is: “Building collaboration and communication between families and educators ultimately leads to greater success for children with disabilities.”

Contributing authors, Stacy Greene, Melissa Tellekamp. and Antoinette Nichols

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