Cobb Thinks Positive

During the monthly Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) team meeting in August, the Campbell Middle team reviewed their data and discussed the issue of students skipping classes. After discussing the reasons why students were skipping, the team decided to institute a school-wide hall pass for students to wear any time they had to leave class. That way, any adult encountering the student would know where the student was supposed to be headed, what time they had left class, and who had given them permission. Within a month, policy violations for skipping had dropped dramatically, and by the end of the year, instances of skipping had dropped by almost 83% from the previous year.

It’s clear that PBIS has had a significant impact at Campbell Middle as it pertains to climate and student expectations.  This kind of success is but one example of how PBIS is working in 27 Cobb County Schools.  PBIS teams in each school are effectively analyzing their behavioral data on a monthly basis and then working to problem-solve areas that need to be addressed.  By asking staff members for feedback, the teams are able to make significant changes to processes that directly impact student behaviors and achievement.  In addition, they are able to communicate the data with students so that they, too, are taking ownership of their behavior.

The purpose of PBIS is to enhance the capacity of the school to build a positive school climate. PBIS schools focus on establishing expectations and rules for all students in common areas of the school, providing staff and students with a common language for desired behavior.  These expectations are then taught to all students and the team creates a system to acknowledge students who are meeting the expectations and provide feedback to students who are not.  These PBIS practices become part of the school’s culture and the team is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of these practices to ensure continued success. It’s clear that the PBIS team at Campbell Middle School has established a climate where students can be more productive and teachers can focus on instruction.  Way to go Campbell Middle!

Dr. Laurel Kinard, Director
Student Assistance Programs

Contributing author, Kelly McKnabb

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