Minds in Motion. A program incorporating movement opportunities for elementary student’s has shown tremendous benefits according to teachers who implemented the program this year.
Students in over a dozen schools had the opportunity to move more in their classrooms. Teachers were trained in “kinesthetic awareness” this past year. Eye dominance, cross lateral movement, stretching, and other stress reducing activities were explored. Brain energizers have helped students be “ready to learn”, become more organized and focused, as well as be less “stressed” have been noted.

Cobb teachers have used GoNoodle.com and Intelleboost.com as two  supplemental resources to get their students moving more. Stability Balls in the Classroom (pics in OneDrive) have been a popular addition to many classrooms as well.

Cobb students showed better student/teacher relations and engagement (future aspirations and goals) by participating in this program.

Mark Anderson, Supervisor
Health & Physical Education

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