Big Shanty STEM Experiments

Students stepped off the buses at Big Shanty Intermediate School November 11 ready to build roller coasters, whip up “flubber” and extract fossils.

 Their excitement turned into cheers when they saw Big Shanty’s curriculum and STEM specialist Betsey Olotka or as the students call her, “the STEM Lady.”

It was STEM Day at Big Shanty! Students were about to use what they had learned in the classroom to tackle Science Technology Engineering and Math scenarios.

“Right now we are learning about rocks and fossils. So, we are doing an activity based on fossils,” said Marcy Brooks, a Big Shanty third grade language arts teacher. “The students have to build a machine that will excavate fossils.”

The Big Shanty STEM leadership team determines the STEM activities by looking at course guides provided by the Cobb County School District.

“Our fourth graders are working a physics unit right now. So they are building roller coasters to learn about the force of motion,” explained Olotka. “Our fifth graders are studying physical and chemical changes. So they are actually making what we call ‘flubber.’”

Dr. Sally Creel, Supervisor
STEM and Innovative Practice

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