Cobb 6-12 Math Team Competition Series 2016-17

Schools dominated the 3 math competitions to complete the series! Students’ dedication to problem solving shone through…

12 high schools and 5 middle schools were represented at the 3 math competitions held during the 2016-17 school year. Students participated in a written section and a ciphering section for points. The following schools were well represented:

Varsity Team

1st Place: Walton HS

2nd Place: Kennesaw Mt. HS

3rd Place: Lassiter HS

Varsity Individual

1st Place: Paul Shao, Lassiter HS

2nd Place: William Zheng, Walton HS

3rd Place: Sean Engelstad, Kennesaw Mt. HS

Junior Varsity Team

1stPlace: Walton HS

2nd Place: Kennesaw Mt. HS

3rd Place: Lassiter HS

Junior Varsity Individual

1st Place: Arvind Saligrama, Walton HS

2nd Place: Dorian Kidonakis, Kennesaw Mt. HS

3rd Place: Dimitrios Kidonakis, Kennesaw Mt. HS

Middle School Team

1st Place: Dickerson MS

2nd Place: Simpson MS

3rd Place: Hightower MS

Middle School Individual

1st Place: Matthew House, Simpson MS

2nd Place: Jeevan Jewel, Simpson MS

3rd Place: Aleks Kudratov, Palmer MS


Michelle Mikes, Supervisor

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