Governor’s Honors Program for Math

Rising juniors and seniors compete for participation in the Governor’s Honors Program by interviewing for a spot to attend a local college during the summer to expand their learning in the field of mathematics.

Students interview at the county level where they are chosen to compete at the state level. The state conducts online interviews and then chooses the students for face-to-face interviews. The students then are chosen to attend a local university for one month including room and board. Go to: for more information. For 2017, students are attending Berry College in Rome, GA.

2018 Selected Students for Mathematics:

Russell Barnes, Campbell HS

Lidya Aberra, Kennesaw Mt. HS

Sasamon Omoma, Kennesaw Mt. HS

Dennis Goldenberg, Lassiter HS

Jackson Larisch, Lassiter HS

Dipen Mehta, Walton HS

Aarvind Saligrama, Walton HS

Shashaank Aiyer, Wheeler HS

2017 Selected Students for Mathematics:

Caleb Partin, Hillgrove HS

Daniel Chu, Kennesaw Mt. HS

Jayson Wu, Walton HS

Kevin Goshay, Lassiter HS

Kevin Wu, Walton HS

Mateo Villalobos, Kennesaw Mt. HS

Quentin Mot, Campbell HS

2016 Selected Students for Mathematics

Nagnur Shrey, Wheeler HS

Puligundla Virinchi, Wheeler HS

Yamin Jumshaid, Walton HS

Zheng William, Walton HS

2015 Selected Students for Mathematics

Eujin Jang, Walton HS

Karen Wu, Kell HS

Zhi Jia Hong, Kennesaw Mt. HS

Roshan Kudva, Kennesaw Mt. HS

Sean Engelstad, Kennesaw Mt. HS

Nicholas Loprinzo, Lassiter HS

Sophie Zheng, Lassiter HS

Bela Popp, Lassiter HS

Yuqiao Shao, Lassiter HS

Michelle Mikes, Supervisor

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