Georgia Math Conference 2016!

Twenty-two Cobb County mathematics teachers in kindergarten through twelfth grades were presenters at the annual Georgia Math Conference 2016.

Cobb County mathematics teachers did a fine job representing the county at the annual Georgia Mathematics Conference in Eatonton, Georgia, October 19-21, 2016. The State of Georgia holds one math conference a year hosted by the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (GCTM).

Teachers share their knowledge with fellow colleagues at the conference by presenting sessions on current events, content, and pedagogy. The conference attendees come from counties across Georgia including prospective education majors from the universities.

Cobb mathematics teachers presented on topics such as: problem solving; geometry proofs; hands-on conceptual understanding; differentiation, problem-based learning; games; number sense; data dives; and STEM activities.

Mathematics teachers that represented Cobb County by facilitating sessions include: Alison Fridborg; Kelly Bodner; Debbie Poss; Don Slater; Miranda Westbrook; Jean Linner; Alicia Pagan; Tim O’Neill; Cheryl Bacon; Dana Jones; Amber Phillips; Dora Brown; Jennifer Henderson, Hannah Oldham; Ashley Clody; Karen Kline; Rebecca Gammill; Kerri Saunders; Erica Brelsford; Erin Talley; and Miranda Sanders.

For more information on how to attend or present at the Georgia Math Conference, CLICK HERE.

Michelle Mikes, Supervisor

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