ES Drawings To HS Sculptures

McEachern High School’s top artists show off their talents in a show for the entire community to enjoy.

Allatoona High School ceramics students and young artists from Pickett’s Mill Elementary School joined together for an amazing “Collaborative Creatures” project.

Pickett’s Mill students created 2-D drawings of creatures that were then built into 3-D forms by Allatoona students. Visual Art Teachers Laura Purcell and Laura McInerny designed the project to connect these artists at different levels. For ceramics students, this was an amazing opportunity to see how the design process works (from 2-D to 3-D) and meet the specific needs of a “client” while thinking about structure, media, and purpose.

For the elementary school students, this was the opportunity to see how their basic studies of the elements and principles of design can be taken to the next level.

Most importantly, however, is that both sets of students enjoyed experiencing the power of art to foster collaboration, creativity, and meaning. To their surprise, the elementary students even got to take the finished ceramic pieces home with their drawings.

Reflections From Students:

– “Over the past couple of weeks I have worked really hard to replicate every little detail of my little one’s creation. I re-painted over and over again because I wanted it to be just right. I was anxious all week to meet my collaborative creator and see the look on her face when she saw her work in 3-D. She was so happy when she saw it. She told me, ‘This is amazing.’ It gave me the chills, and I couldn’t stop smiling.” -Katie F., Allatoona HS

– “It was cool. My sculpture was amazing! My artist was nice, too.” -Kingston C., Pickett’s Mill ES

– “I think the best part of this entire experience was to see the reaction of my little kiddo’s face as well as the faces of his family members. All he wanted to do was cuddle it. He was so cute! It’s funny because I was looking for his approval of my interpretation of his drawing. I didn’t want to disappoint him. The way he kept looking at it, it just warmed my heart. I felt so lucky to make a child so happy through art. I will always remember this experience.” -Allison A., Allatoona HS

– “It was awesome! My sculpture was really, really great. My artist told me about the sculpture, and I liked that.” -Denise G., Pickett’s Mill ES

Photo Credit: NICKY GAUT (@BonadonnaNicole)

Laura LaQuaglia, Supervisor
Visual Arts


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