Fall Math Team Competition 2016-17!

Math students in 6th-12th grades come together to solve math problems for team scores and individual scores to tout for the 2016-17 school year.

The Cobb County School District hosts their own Math Team Competitions throughout the school year for bragging rights and to prepare for state competitions. Students come from across the district to participate in ciphering (individually timed application problems) and a written test consisting of multiple choice problems.

Thirteen varsity teams, eleven junior varsity teams, and five middle school teams competed on October 24 at Wheeler High School, the host for the competition. Many first time competitors attended. Kennesaw Mountain High School, Lassiter High School, Walton High School, and Wheeler High School dominated the results. Their feeder middle schools showed signs of strong, up and coming math leaders.

Results of the Fall Varsity Competition:
Team Results (Top 3)
Individual Results (Top 3)
Kennesaw Mt-Sean Engelstad
Walton-William Zheng
Lassiter-Paul Shao

Results of the Fall Junior Varsity Competition:
Team (Top 3)
Kennesaw Mountain High School
Walton High School
Lassiter High School
Individual Scores (Top 3)
Walton-Arvind Saligrama
Kennesaw Mountain-Dorian Kidonakis
Kennesaw Mountain-Dimitrios Kidonakis

Results of the Fall Middle School Competition:
Team (Top 3)
Dickerson Middle School
Hightower Middle School
Simpson Middle School
Individual (Top 3)
Simpson-Matthew House
Dickerson-Margaret Chang
Dickerson-Deandra Kosen tied with Durham-Dash Katragadda

Michelle Mikes, Supervisor

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