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Layla Hummings is this year’s Read 180 Student Award Winner

Congratulations to our 2017 180 Student Award winner being honored by her schools and by HMH for outstanding academic achievement and growth in reading using System 44,  the blended learning intervention program that use adaptive technology to personalize student instruction.. With the help of her dedicated teacher and hard work in System 44, the student celebrated has become a confident, successful learner who is inspiring those around her and reaching for exciting college and career goals.

Student: Layla Hummings
School: Dowell Elementary School, Marietta, GA
Grade: 3 Teacher: Tamela Isley
Nominated for: System 44
How System 44 has made a difference: “In the beginning it was hard to read and I didn’t like it, but the software helped me sound out words and I could read better. The more I read the more I liked it. Sometimes I read to my little brother and sisters to help my mom do what she needs to do.”

What her teacher says: “Layla was a reluctant reader, but from day one she learned that System 44 allowed her a safe place to take chances and soar. Success fueled her desire to work harder—she is one of the hardest working students I have ever had in my program. She is continually assisting other students with reading and classwork. Her confidence level has increased dramatically and it shows in every aspect—social, emotional, and academic.”

Layla’s goals for the future: “When I grow up I want to be a teacher. That is why I’m working hard to be a better reader. Being able to read can help me do math too.”

Diane Rice, Supervisor
Personalized Learning


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