Walton Robotics Finalists

Walton Robotics competed with 400 teams from around the world including Israel, China, Turkey, Lebanon, and Australia.

After qualifying at Georgia’s state championship, Walton Robotics, #2974, competed at the FIRST Robotics World Championships in Houston, Texas.  Picked as a partner team by the #1 ranked team in their division out of 65 teams, the team lost in the finals of the Carver division playoffs. Playing the finals of Carver division at Worlds caps an amazing year, with the team winning multiple team and individual awards at its 4 competitions. Walton competed in the Dalton District Event, winning the robot competition, Entrepreneurship, and coveted Chairman’s Award. Selina Nie was named a Dean’s List finalist as a student who best exemplifies the ideas of gracious professionalism and cooperation. This individual award results from a team nomination, written essay, and an interview with a judge. Selina competed at World Championships for this award. Next weekend, Walton travelled to Asheville to compete with North Carolina teams. The team seeded #1 and won the robot competition. The team earned a Judges’ Award as well. Walton travelled to Albany to compete the following weekend. Walton seeded #2 and won the competition with Columbus Space Program. The team also won the Entrepreneurship and Gracious Professionalism awards. The combination of these awards qualified the team for state championships in Athens, during spring break. At State Championships, the team won Entrepreneurship and was a robot competition semifinalist. A team mentor, Eric Kauffman, was named the state’s Woodie Flowers finalist. This individual award results from a nomination by the team for years of service to the team, community, and FIRST. Walton finishes the season with 5 blue banners – one of 3 teams in the World with 5 or more blue banners!

Jacquelina Brown, Supervisor
Career • Technology • Agriculture Education

Contributing Authors: Brian Benton and Aarya Kapani

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