New Early Literacy Grant

The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement awards a $10,000 Tiny Grant to fund the Cobb County Schools/WellStar Ready, Set..Read Initiative

Cobb County School’s Office of Early Learning is the recent recipient of the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) Innovation Fund Tiny Grant.  This grant of $10,000 was awarded to fund the purchase of books and tablets to support the Cobb County Schools/WellStar Health System birth to five literacy initiative, Ready, Set… Read!  In partnership with WellStar, Cobb County Schools provides parents tips and resources to support the development of early reading habits.  Currently, WellStar pediatricians conduct a reading habits diagnostic and provides resources to parents at well-check visits.  This grant  will all us to now provide an age appropriate book  to further support the development of healthy reading habits. To learn more about the GOSA Innovation Fund Tiny Grant, visit .

Courtney Jones, Supervisor
Early Learning

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