Teachers Love New Resources!

1500 Cobb ELA teachers participate in Professional Learning on New Content Resources!

Beginning in the Spring and Summer of 2017, over 1500 Cobb ELA teachers participated in professional learning on the newly-acquired content resources.  The purpose of the training was to engage teachers in the new resources, so they could effectively implement them with students.  Elizabeth Cobia, K-12 ELA Supervisor said, “Because the CCSD Board of Education and our stakeholders invested funds in acquiring high-quality resources for our 3-12 students and teachers, we wanted to ensure that teachers clearly understand how to best utilize these resources to engage students.” A primary emphasis of the training was a focus on reading and writing resources.  The Cobb County Commitment to Balanced Literacy Instruction involves students “reading to, speaking to, and writing about high-quality, authentic texts.” Teachers were involved in authentic learning experiences to use with their students.  Jaime Williams, a teacher at Lost Mountain said after attending the training, “I’m excited for the future of ELA in the Cobb County School District.” At the start of the school year, 3-12 students will use the resources.

Elizabeth Cobia, Supervisor
English Language Arts


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