Choral Teachers Get Tanglewood Invite!

Two of our CCSD choral teachers have been invited to participate in a prestigious, landmark symposium.

The Tanglewood Symposium, a landmark event, took place in 1967 and led in shaping the course of music education in the United States.  One of the guiding leaders of the Symposium was Boston University, along with the National Association for Music Education. The 50th anniversary of this historic conference was marked with  a conference, “Tanglewood Conversations 2017”.  The Chairman of Music Education at Boston University has asked me to give a fifty-minute presentation and participate in this two-day conference about the future of music education from a high school choral perspective.   We are proud to announce that both Brian and Jana Williams (choral teachers at Lassiter High School and Walton High School, respectively) have been invited to participate in this very interactive event.  Only fifty music educators were invited. Congratulations to both Brian and Jana!

Photo credit: view=detailV2&ccid=nc7RlVA9&id=3D1D12EECF507B7821194E87DC7D6F9F3DA02815&thid=OIP.nc7RlVA9hIjpiEtycw5oGQEsDj&q=Tanglewood+Seiji+Ozawa&simid=60803681244

Dr. Joseph Woodruff, Supervisor
Choral Music, Theatre & Dance

Contributing Author:   Jana Williams, Walton HS Choral Teacher

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