Cobb County School District hires over 757 new teachers for 2017-2018 school year

After an amazing kickoff to the sounds of the McEachern Marching band, cheerleaders and welcoming committee, over 757 new teachers of Cobb County chanted in a contest reiterating the Cobb mission of “One Team, One Goal.”  It is evident student achievement is the focus of this new group of teachers where 36% or 276 were new to the profession with only 0-1 years of experience and 64% had 2+ years of experience, however were new to Cobb.

Of those 757, 310 are elementary teachers, 124 are high school teachers and 170 are special education teachers.

CCSD looks forward to seeing the high student achievement and personal success of our newest team members!

Dawn Hudson, Supervisor
Professional Learning, Instruction & Innovative Practice

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