What are 360 Degree Math Classrooms?

An environment where the teacher can actively see student’s thought processes in one quick look!

Eight teachers across the county chose to take the plunge and experiment with 360 degree math classrooms. The classrooms were outfitted with large whiteboards around the entire room so that every student had a space to work math in. This gives the teacher the ability to stand in the middle of the room and view all student’s work by turning 360 degrees in place. Teachers can instantly assess student’s work and math process of thinking, as well as identify student’s work that approached the problems differently, but arrived at the same answer. Student’s are enjoying this active process of learning and using the whiteboards to test hypotheses before engaging their paper and pencil, while some students are digitally archiving their work.


Teachers are making use of this environment to change up the traditional math classroom. Now, there are 29 middle and high schools with a model 360 math classroom. The remaining 13 schools will be receiving a 360 math classroom by winter of 2019.

Michelle Mikes, Supervisor

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