Lessons and Leaders via CTLS Teach

Over fifty teachers came together to create high-quality content to be included in CTLS, the new digital space for instructional resources.

This summer over fifty teachers descended upon Harrison and Allatoona High Schools to take on a never-before-completed task – create content for use in CTLS Teach, the Cobb Teaching and Learning System’s brand new content offering.    This online ecosystem, initially providing teachers testing data to support instruction, has expanded over the past 18 months to include course content. The assemblage of teachers served more than one purpose.  First, to gather new, engaging, and fresh course content to populate the ELA, Math, Social Studies, and Science areas for grades K-12.  Secondly, to develop a process that determines if future content submissions meet the standards to be an exemplar within CTLS Teach.  Third, this professional learning experience served to help develop more in-house leaders of engagement and technology integration within our schools.   This three-day experience where teachers became “Engagineers” or engagement engineers, also provided teachers with the opportunity to expand their skills through interactive professional learning sessions.  These sessions addressed the research-based Learning Engagement Strategies for innovative teaching.  Furthermore, each participant learned additional strategies to support them in meaningfully employing the use of technology within their classrooms.  With this knowledge and training, these newly-minted “Engagineers” were poised to begin this school year as leaders, armed with knowledge to help their colleagues transform their educational practices as well.

Stacey Buckalew, Supervisor
Digital Transformation Team

Contributing Author: Nadia Williams, Digital Learning Coordinator

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