Pebblebrook Teacher Tackles Tanglewood!!

Katie Woolf, Choral director at Pebblebrook High School, shares her talents with students at Tanglewood

Katie Woolf, a Boston University graduate, conducts the Young Artists Chorus at BUTI. She’s been with the program for 10 years. Of the 70 students in the Young Artists Vocal Program, 22 were selected for their recent Mendelssohn piece. Woolf says many students return for more than one year. “The fact that the students get to spend their summers surrounded by this beautiful scenery and get to go to BSO concerts and recitals just about every night just really makes it a special program,” Woolf says. As for the Mendelssohn performance with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Woolf says preparing has been a treat. “It’s been a fun work that’s a little bit more challenging than I think we were expecting,” Woolf says. “It’s Mendelssohn so it’s very tonally accessible but there are enough little details that he changes from verse to verse that really make us pay attention.” The students say they’ve learned a lot this summer. This is another shining example of the incredible teachers we have sharing their knowledge and gifts with Cobb County students!!

Photo Credit: JD Allen / WAMC

Dr. Joseph Woodruff, Supervisor
Choral Music, Theatre & Dance


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