Title 1 ES Olympiad: Past & Present

Title 1  Elementary Science Olympiad is a great opportunity for students interested in Science and teamwork!

For the past 33 years, Science Olympiad has led a revolution in science education. What began as a grassroots assembly of science teachers is now one of the premier science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to 7,800 teams in 50 states. Science Olympiad’s ever-changing line-up of events in all STEM disciplines exposes students to practicing scientists and career choices, and energizes classroom teachers with a dynamic content experience. Science Olympiad functions much like a football or soccer team, requiring preparation, commitment, coaching and practice throughout the year.  Teamwork is a required skill in most scientific careers today, and Science Olympiad encourages group learning by designing events that forge alliances.  Students begin practicing for the Science events as early as October for the competition in March. Teachers and other school staff volunteer their time after school to coach the Science Olympiad students as often as once a week. The 4th annual Title 1 Elementary Science Olympiad was held at Fair Oaks Elementary School on March 4, 2017. 13 teams from Cobb County School District’s Title 1 schools attended the fun filled Saturday. These schools included, Fair Oaks, Norton Park, Compton, Brumby, Argyle, Green Acres, Sedalia Park, Bryant, Belmont Hills, Russell and Mableton.  Two schools from Marietta City also participated in the events. There were 18 events as well as opportunities to work with family members on hands on Science activities in the media center. There was also entertainment for all by a physics juggler after the events were done. The day wrapped up with an exciting ceremony where every team came away a winner! The 5th annual Title 1 Elementary Science Olympiad will be held at Fair Oaks again this year. The date will be announced soon. Coaches are already thinking about pulling their school’s Science Olympiad team together! If you know of any students who are interested in participating this year, please encourage them to let their teachers know! This is a great opportunity for students who love Science and teamwork!


Tiffany Honore´, Director
Title I

Contributing Author: Cynthia Freeman, Title 1 District Academic Coach

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