Portable Papermaking Studio

Since being selected as one of the winners from last year’s Cobb Tank, Patsy Rausch, the art teacher at Kincaid

Elementary School, has continued to expand her STEAM platform. Last year, she received an Oracle Portable Hollander Beater, a unique tool found in few papermaking studios. Throughout this school year, she has used this tool to help build her own portable papermaking studio that has held teacher workshops with STEAM curriculum.

Recently, the studio gained the attention of the Friends of Dard Hunter, a national papermaker’s association who recently had their annual papermaker’s conference in Atlanta hosted by The Robert C. Williams Museum of Printmaking at Georgia Tech. Ms. Rausch was asked to share the development, procedure, and progression of the studio within the Cobb County Educational System with regards to community and creativity. The panel included a small group of papermakers who have established permanent larger-scale studios with outreach programs at the University of Illinois, University of Vermont, The Library of Congress, and The Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory in Cleveland Ohio.

After her presentation, she received the most questions from the attendees and even follow-up inquiries after the panel was closed. As a result, the Education Curator and Museum Coordinator of RCW would very much like to collaborate with Cobb County on a STEAM based paper project as well as Kennesaw State’s Fine Arts Paper & Printmaking Department.

Next week the studio travels to Augusta GA where she will present at the GAEA Conference. Her goal is to encourage other art teachers to establish a STEAM based portable studio at their school and promote the unique learning opportunities it can provide.

Author: Patsy Rausch

Contributor: Grace Whittington

Dr. Sally Creel, Supervisor
STEM and Innovative Practice

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