AdvancED STEM Certified

Sope Creek becomes the 9th Cobb School to earn AdvancED STEM Certification.


A team of AdvancED reviewers spent two days on campus observing the amazing STEM practices happening at Sope Creek.  Teachers and students have been growing the STEM program for several years.  It began with an outdoor learning garden and has grown from there.  Sope Creek has had a long well-documented history of academic success.  They decided to push it to the next level and integrate STEM in all classes throughout the school.  Students have not one, but two different STEM labs that enhance the STEM experiences that happen in class.  In these classes they have learned to 3D print, program robots and use probe-ware to collect data.

In the classes students integrate STEM problem-based learning in to math and science concepts they’re studying. Teachers collaborate to provide real-world connections to these challenges.  One of the unique strengths of the Sope Creek STEM program is the inclusion of students of special needs.  The Green Team, composed of special needs students, participates in a year long STEM program where they run a food service for Sope Creek staff.  Students harvest produce from the campus garden and use the ingredients to create healthy smoothies and salads.  The students do all the work – from taking orders, following recipes to collecting the money.

AdvancED STEM Certification is an international measure of STEM success and academic quality.  Sope Creek joins the ranks of eight other outstanding Cobb STEM schools: Brumby ES, Cooper MS, Ford ES, Kennesaw Mountain HS, Lassiter HS, Mabry MS, Shallowford Falls ES and Tritt ES.  Learn more about STEM Certification and AdvancED by visiting

Dr. Sally Creel, Supervisor
STEM and Innovative Practice


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