Drone Wars Competition

Drone pilots or Cobb students?  The answer is BOTH!


Drone Wars are coming to Atlanta in March 2018 and Cobb students will be using FPV, or First Person Viewer, virtual reality head sets as they pilot drones.  This is the first year this competition will take place in Georgia.  Horizon Education and Parrot drones have partnered with schools across Metro Atlanta and the National Science Teachers Association to bring Drone Wars to Atlanta.

On October 27th teachers from McEachern, North Cobb, Osborne and Sprayberry high schools along with teachers from Gwinnett, Clayton, DeKalb and Fulton counties gathered at Kennesaw State University.  They spent the day learning about the amazing Parrot drones being used during the competition.  Teams from each school will compete in three missions during th

e competition – speed & agility, package retrieval, and VR reconnaissance mission.  Students will have to work to modify one of the Parrot drones to retrieve packages of “medicine” and deliver them safely to a “remote village.”   Students will have to 3D print components and master drone flight controls.

Teams will collaborate with engineering professionals from Kennesaw State University, Georgia Tech and local businesses to cultivate the experience necessary to compete.  Teams will compete on March 17th at the World Congress Center.


Dr. Sally Creel, Supervisor
STEM and Innovative Practice


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