AT Team Braves Snow!

Cobb County Assistive Technology Team proudly Co-hosts the Georgia Assistive Technology Expo (GATE) on December 9, 2017 at Georgia Tech.

On November 7, 2017 and January 2, 2018, teachers of the DHH (Deaf/Hard of Hearing), VI (Vision Impaired), OI (Orthopedically Impaired), and AdPE (Adapted PE) programs gathered for cross-program Professional Learning opportunities.  The teams worked together to study and discuss the topics of specialized instruction and research-supported instructional strategies.  The key focus was on “intentionality” – choosing strategies mindfully, based on knowledge of each individual student’s learning needs. Every member of the team was provided a copy of “The New Art and Science of Teaching” (2017) by Robert Marzano, and then spent these two days engaged in learning more about the 330 research-supported strategies outlined in his book.  The teachers actively participated in a variety of classroom-style activities that incorporated targeted strategies from the text. Teachers then shared lesson plans that they have been developing and using with students. Their plans also integrated the strategies, and required the teachers to think purposefully about why particular strategies were selected for implementation with specific students.  The lessons will be uploaded to CTLS to become the beginnings of a resource bank of lesson ideas for the team.

Susan Christensen, Director
Special Education

Contributing Author: Angie Jones and Helen Upshaw, Coordinators, Assistive Technology

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