New HAVEN Partnerships

Partnership between HAVEN Academy, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, and Goodwill Industries benefits students.

A recent partnership has been established between HAVEN Academy, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, and Goodwill Industries to provide students the opportunity to earn a paycheck and participate in a certification program while in school. Three students from HAVEN academy attend the Goodwill center 3 days each week to participate in job readiness classes and learn about becoming a floor technician.  The students earn minimum wage and will receive a floor technician certificate at the completion of the program as well as a High School Diploma.

This program has been positive and extremely motivational for the students. John, a student who participates in the program states, “I am really enjoying the program at Goodwill simply because it’s helping me to better my life.  I believe that this program will help me to attain financial independence”.

With the goal of improving success in obtaining and keeping a job on their own after high school, students are provided supports such as learning how to apply for a job, learning how to act appropriately on the job, responding appropriately to criticism, and other necessary skills. Kenny, another student participant explains, “I think the program is a great idea and I have learned a great deal.  I would suggest this program for other kids like myself that lack a sense of direction”. The partnership between HAVEN center and Goodwill has allowed HAVEN staff to provide school support while the students learn skills necessary at Goodwill Industries to obtain a career after graduation.



Gail M. Smith, Supervisor
School Counseling

Contributing Authors: Jennifer Brooks, Counselor at HAVEN Academy and Sarah Jones, Transition Resource Specialist at HAVEN Academy

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