Can You “Escape”?

Students at Hayes Elementary School “escape” on the way to a Growth Mindset.


Students at Hayes Elementary School recently participated in an “escape room” as the culminating activity of a unit on growth mindset. Growth mindset helps students evaluate the underlying beliefs they have about learning and how their beliefs can lead them to higher achievement.

Led by School Counselor, Dionna Doneghy, fourth grade students were taken on a secret mission in the classroom where they had to decode famous quotes about growth mindset from authors such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King, and Walt Disney. Solving the codes required critical thinking, problem solving, and perseverance. The students enjoyed this project-based learning activity and they gained practical skills to develop a growth mindset.

Gail M. Smith, Supervisor
School Counseling

Contributing Author: Dionna Doneghy, Counselor at Hayes Elementary School

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