Math Prodigies in the Making

Imagine practicing math by creating your own fantasy land where the more math problems you work, the more tools you get to create your land.  Sounds pretty exciting, right?

Fortunately, Title I schools had the opportunity to practice math this way through the Prodigy Math online game.  Title I students joined over 20 million (yes, million) students, teachers and parents for a Prodigy Math Tournament which ran from November, 2017 – February, 2018.

We are happy to announce the winning class was Jared Slyman’s class (Argyle Elementary) with the most individual class use, and the winning school was Powers Ferry Elementary School!

Prodigy staff trained all of the Title I Math Coaches on their program earlier this school year.  Prodigy then created a contest specifically for our schools! Super fabulous!  Even though this year’s Prodigy Math Tournament has ended, the program continues to be free and is available to all schools.  Schools can contact for more information.

“We had Carly do a webinar on the early release day, last week.  It was well-received, and she was great!”  -Title I local school coach

Pictured : Winning school Powers Ferry Elementary with their trophy:   Margaret Braswell’s class  and Kassell Darcy’s class of third graders.


Tiffany Honore´, Director
Title I

Delores Thompson, Supervisor
Title I

Contributing Authors: Alison Fridborg, Vinnie Prasad, Ashley Powell- Title 1 District Math Coaches

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