“Russell has a lot to offer the students”

Arroyo says “I want parents to know that Russell is a really great school with great student supports. The administrators, teachers and staff are really dedicated to the students. Sometimes school ratings don’t show the real picture.”

Sonio Arroyo,  Parent Facilitator for Russell Elementary,  is from Lima, Peru, there she completed elementary, middle and high school. She recognized her passion for children and teaching in high school as a tutor for younger children. In college she studied early childhood and special education and began teaching immediately after college. The ten years spent in kindergarten and first grade classrooms were some of the best years filled with so many memories. In 2005 she left her family behind and came to the United States to start a new chapter in education this time as a parent facilitator. Initially this was challenging because English is a second language for her. This role has allowed for her to work directly with parents and help them understand how important it is for them to participate in their children’s educational process.

In September Russell hosted family fitness night where parents were invited to workout, learn about healthy recipes and participate in fun fitness activities with the kids. There were several fitness stations setup for families to participate in as well as food stations.

Both of her children attend Cobb county schools and she encourages parents new to the area to send their children to Cobb schools as well. She wants parents to know that she is there to help them in different ways and believes that children deserve the best education and she is doing everything possible to make that happen.


Authors: Sonio Arroyo,  Parent Facilitator, Russell Elementary,  Renata Hannans, Author of  The Hope Dealer

Natalie Hutchins, Supervisor
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