Cobb Math Teacher Leader Academies 2019-20


We have top-notch math teachers extending their expertise in math leadership! Each year, a new cohort of mathematics teachers collaborate on local leadership to strengthen mathematics learning in the Cobb County School District. Meet our current cohort.

Beginning in 2015-16, K-12 Math teachers applied for the Teacher Leader Academy. Each year, a new cohort applies to be apart of the year-long professional learning cohort. These teachers are change agents: a person in the organization who helps an organization transform itself by focusing on such matters as organizational effectiveness, improvement, and development. The teachers are passionate and committed to excellence in honing their leadership skills to further mathematics knowledge, instruction, and understanding. Each teacher completes a legacy project that betters mathematics education. Below are our cohorts for mathematics leadership.

Teacher Leader Academy for Mathematics 2019-20:

Teacher Leader Academy for Mathematics 2018-19:

Alicia Adams, Still ES; Annette Castleberry, Mableton ES; Ashley Borland, Norton Park ES; Blake McIntire, Campbell MS; Carolyn Kelso, Campbell MS; Crystal Mast, Cooper MS; Gilbert Aitken, Campbell MS; Jessica Morelli, East Side ES; Joi Cox, Still ES; Leslie Jones, East Side ES; Kimberlee Mobley-Outlaw, Clay ES; Margaret-Ellen Laettner, Murdock ES; Melanie Allen, Lindley MS; Michelle Cook, Riverside Intermediate ES; Srividya Jagannathan, Addison ES; Susan Caldwell, Riverside Primary ES; Teresa Urban, Campbell MS; Thomas Urban, Campbell MS; Tiffany Spriggs, Fair Oaks ES; and Victor Burrell, South Cobb HS.

Teacher Leader Academy for Mathematics 2017-18:

Dora Brown, Palmer MS; Kellie Bruce, Milford ES; Trudy Crider, Milford ES; Ashley Graziano, Cheatham Hill ES; Daurian Hogan, Pitner ES; Geraldine Lee, Garrett MS; Dyanna Motes, Kemp ES; Kelly Nowlin, Harmony Leland ES; Shoneka O’Neal, Garrett MS; Cindy Reynolds, Nickajack ES; Rachel Rountree, Timberidge ES; Greg Sherman, Campbell HS; and Amy Smith, Milford ES. The teacher leaders created resources for district teachers and plans on how to implement innovative learning strategies.







Teacher Leader Academy for Mathematics 2016-17:

Deb Billotte, Sanders ES; Jamie Carberry, Chalker ES; Beth Dettlebach, LaBelle ES; Staci Dombrowski, Allatoona HS; Sabrina Glass, Bullard ES; Melissa Hacker, Baker ES; Matt Hardman, Frey ES; Karen Harrison, Nickajack ES; Amanda Hazelip, Awtrey MS; Robbin Hill, Lovinggood MS; Karen Kline, Kennesaw Mt. HS; Danielle Lanigan, Compton ES; Malissa Ocean, Riverside Intermediate; Karen Osterhoudt, Lewis ES; Jessica Power, Norton Park; Eric Sever, Pope HS; and Misty Vaughn, Mountain View ES. The legacy projects for this cohort centered around building resources for courses/grade levels, creating a professional learning on Growth Mindset in Mathematics, and creating parent videos for the district math website.


Teacher Leader Academy for Mathematics 2015-16:

Kristine Albertson, Mabry MS; Yolaida Amaya-Mendez, Osborne HS; Glenda Boyles, Baker ES; Amy Chapman, Blackwell ES; Michael Eber, North Cobb HS; Heidi Elias, Keheley ES; Alison Fridborg, Lost Mt. MS; Wendy Goldberg, East Valley ES; Cara Hamilton, North Cobb HS; Karen Hersey, Nicholson ES; Danielle Hickerson, Clay ES; Kiersten Hoeflinger, Mt. Bethel ES; Jill Holder, Palmer MS; Tiffany Hourigan, Mc Call ES; Keisha King, McEachern HS; Heather Mullins, Mt. Bethel ES; Jennifer Pritchett, Kemp ES; Barry Shildneck, Lassiter HS; Jill Shivertaker, Lovinggood MS; Jennifer Skelton, McCleskey MS; Marilyn Thomas, Bryant ES; and Sandra Yoder, Campbell HS. The legacy projects for this cohort was to produce grade level unit overview videos for Cobb teachers.


Congratulations to all of our teacher leaders for representing the Cobb County School District Math Department!


Michelle Mikes, Supervisor

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