East Cobb Middle Gets New Building

East Cobb Middle School began the 2018-2019 school year in a brand new building. Science teachers and students love the new lab classrooms!

Science coordinator Shannon Ventresca gave tours through the new classrooms and storage spaces. In addition to their lab classrooms, teachers and students in each grade have access to an additional lab space in which cross-class collaborative lab investigations can occur.

The school also received new science equipment such as microscopes, balances, beakers, and graduated cylinders. Many science teachers at East Cobb are current members or graduates of the Cobb Teacher Leader Academy, including Ventresca, Brittany Dudek, and Chinequa Shelander. These teachers go through specialized training in the latest innovative science pedagogy and implement cutting edge lessons in the classroom. Students are the ultimate winners as the participate in these engaging and hands-on science investigations.

Christian Cali, Supervisor

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