Aviation/ Pilot Collaboration Lesson

Aviation/Pilot Collaboration Lesson

Welcome aboard Delta Air Lines flight  #123 nonstop service from Pitner Elementary to Hawaii!

On Friday, November 16, Special Education teachers Peggy Lawrence and Tara Golden collaborated on a fun and engaging lesson about aviation.  Peggy works with

students with Orthopedic Impairments and Tara has the MID unit at Pitner.  Together they decided to bring in a community member to talk to the class about flying.

Delta Air Lines MD-88 training pilot Andy Lawrence came and discussed various aspects of his career as well as provided a wealth of information about airplanes. The children were extremely enthusiastic as well as highly engaged in the lesson.  They learned about how and why airplanes fly (they create “lift” and literally get “sucked up” into the air) and some interesting facts about airplanes.  Did you know the gas tanks of an airplane are in the wings?  Did you know there are actually “roads” in the sky and maps to follow?  The students made paper airplanes out of Jeppesen pilot maps and flew them all over the classroom!  Of course, no flight would be complete without some tasty snacks.  Finally, the children all received Delta pilot wings and a plush Delta airplane now lives in the box of special toys in the classroom.

Before we knew it, it was time to buckle up for our landing.  Co-Pilot Andrew S. made a smooth landing and we all arrived safely at our destination.

This lesson was a good example of how a low incidence itinerant teacher can collaborate with a small group teacher to provide an engaging lesson for all students in the classroom.


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