Dual Language Programs Take Root in Smyrna

The Dual Language program in Cobb County exemplifies our mission of facilitating the development of culturally and linguistically competent global citizens. The World Languages Department first implemented Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs at two elementary schools in 2015, Smyrna Elementary and Riverside Primary. At Smyrna Elementary as well as at our other DLI schools, students are learning their regular academic content at the same time that they are acquiring a second language.  Smyrna Elementary is one of the two leading DLI program schools with students currently in third grade. Today, students attend the DLI program at eleven schools serving students from kindergarten to third grade.

An early start in gaining proficiency in other languages gives our students an advantage and prepares them to be citizens of the world so they can more effectively interact in today’s interconnected and interdependent society. Dual Language Immersion students and students taking world language courses receive the added benefits of:

  • Learning to connect and communicate with others in their own language
  • Gaining a competitive advantage in the job market
  • Improving their critical-thinking skills, concentration, ability to multitask, and listening skills
  • Opening doors to travel and study abroad

Click HERE for information on the World Languages DLI and Bilingual programs.

Germán Suárez, Supervisor
World Languages

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