Launching the CTLS Resource Library

When CTLS began its expansion four years ago to include more content resources through CTLS Teach, the vision was to continue adding features and resources to meet the needs of teachers in the Cobb County School District.

The Digital Transformation Team polled teachers and conducted extensive resource to identify key things CCSD teachers wanted and needed. These included an assortment of:

  • lesson plan resources,
  • assessment items,
  • classroom activities
  • graphic organizers,
  • academic videos,
  • and more.

Welcome to the CTLS Teach Resource Library!

The Resource Library functions much like favored internet shopping sites where teachers can search for desired resources. Those resources can be curated into “collections” that can be shared with other teachers and even students with a simple link.  Teachers can also search for resources by criteria as general as subject area and as granular as content standard strand.

Stacey Buckalew, Supervisor
Digital Transformation Team

Contributing Author: Nadia Williams

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