Meet Ann Saour, Classroom Innovator

The Learning Resources Department would like to introduce you to classroom innovator, Ann Saour.

Thanks to Mt. Bethel Elementary School third grade teacher, Laura Ferguson’s nomination, the Learning Resources Department is excited to recognize third grade, Mt. Bethel teacher, Ann Saour for her innovative use of the currently adopted HMH Science worktext.  Ann is a special education co-teacher and works in tandem with her general education teacher, Michelle Boutwell.  This is their fifth-year teaching together.

The third grade Science learning resource adopted across the district is a consumable worktext from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) Publishing.  Students use the book to read and learn about the content being taught as well as write in the book to complete assignments and homework. There is also a digital component that allows students to access their material online from home and school.

One feature of the digital resource that receives high marks from parents, students and teachers is the read aloud text. In addition to reading the text, students are able to listen to a voice that reads the text out loud, often with pictures and video appearing to support the text. Ms. Saour feels it is a great tool for students that are not reading on grade level because it allows the students to hear the content even if they are not quite able to read and comprehend it yet.


Teachers like it because they can use the read aloud to present the content to a whole group with prompts provided to ask questions.  Parents also like the feature so they can listen to the lesson at home and then discuss it with their child.

We would be honored for you to capture Ann in action.  She is the special education co-teacher and has a great general education counterpart, as well, Michelle Boutwell…Both are exemplary teachers!

– Principal Jessica Appleyard

We visited the classroom as they were doing a lesson on Georgia Regions. Students were applying their knowledge by “creating” their assigned region using Minecraft, a coding software program provided by the district.  While many students were already familiar with Minecraft, some students were not, so their friends were happy to take on the “teacher” role and help them out.  Ms. Saour and Ms. Boutwell were very proud of their collaboration and willingness to assist.

Students then demonstrated what they learned using SeeSaw, a free digital portfolio tool available to schools.  With SeeSaw, students can “take pics, draw, record videos and more,” and then post it in SeeSaw.  Parents love to view their student’s SeeSaw creations.

Thanks so much to Laura for nominating Ann for this recognition!

Kelly McField Brown, Manager
Learning Resources

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