Motivator of the Week Program at Hendricks Elementary

Teachers, parents and students at Hendricks recognize positive behavior.

The school counseling department at Hendricks Elementary School implemented the Motivator of the Week program as a way to spread positivity and enhance collaboration and appreciation among parents, staff, and students. The Motivator of the Week is an initiative that highlights the little and big things students, staff, and parents do to motivate each other. Whether it’s a smile, a pat on the back, or lending a helping hand, they recognize any positive behavior. Anyone is able to nominate and the school counselors report “it is a joy to see when students nominate their teachers, teachers nominate parents and parents nominate students!”  Once nominated, the motivators of the week have their picture taken and choose their favorite quote that motivates them. This is displayed on the board for a week and their name is announced during the morning announcements, along with a big husky howl that can be heard throughout every hall at Hendricks. People are excited about recognizing motivators and receiving a nomination as a Motivator of the Week. This initiative helps to bring awareness to the fact that you never know how powerful a kind word or action can be to someone else.

Melisa Marsh, Supervisor
School Counseling

Alexandra Huguelet, Consultant
School Counseling

Contributing Author: Breana O’Shea, School Counselor at Hendricks Elementary School

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