Promoting a Vision of Graduation


If you can see it, you can achieve it!

School counselors, Dr. Sean Strachan of Smitha Middle School and Mary Cousins of Osborne High School, collaborated to promote a vision of high school graduation for the students of Smitha.  Osborne High School gave Smitha Middle School a cap and gown.  The 8th grade students could not believe that it was an actual cap and gown from Osborne.  The experience for them was real and extremely relevant, according to Dr. Strachan.  He reported that the students “were all looking into the mirror and imagining themselves graduating from Osborne High School.”  This collaboration between school counselors allowed students to “dream a little and see into the future.”


Melisa Marsh, Supervisor
School Counseling

Alexandra Huguelet, Consultant
School Counseling

Contributing Author: Dr. Sean Strachan, School Counselor at Smitha Middle School

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