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Smitha and Osborne girls form mentor support group

Each day the professional school counselors of CCSD plan and carry out activities and interventions with the sincere hope of impacting students. They collect data to monitor their efforts and guide their approach to supporting the school communities. Sometimes, they have the privilege of seeing how their efforts impact students in very real ways. Even rarer still, they are able to see the ripple effect touching the lives of others. A recent collaborative effort between Smitha Middle School and Osborne High School gave that very precious and rare window.

Casey Wilson, the 6th grade counselor at Smitha Middle School, has been running small groups for her students for many years. She currently runs a counseling group for 6th grade girls and one of the proposed goals of this group was to have mentors who are like them and understand what they are going through. Who better to relate to them and understand their feelings than past Smitha students who are at Osborne right now?  Ms. Wilson shared her idea with Mary Cousins, a counselor at Osborne High School. With a little teamwork and planning, the two counselors were able to bring the groups of students together.

Last week, current 6th grade Smitha girls and Osborne 10th and 11th grade girls (former Smitha students) were able to spend a little over an hour together – listening to each other, asking questions, giving advice, telling stories, and forming quick bonds about topics ranging from social media to college plans.  Each girl from Osborne left a lasting impression on the group of 6th graders, as well as the counselors!   Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a partnership between little and big Cardinals working together for a bright future!

Melisa Marsh, Supervisor
School Counseling

Alexandra Huguelet, Consultant
School Counseling

Contributing Author: Mary Cousins, School Counselor at Osborne High School

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