Preschool Impact Grant

Preschool Impact Grant 

Atlanta Braves Foundation Impact Grant

Kim Pair, Special Needs Preschool teacher at Lewis Elementary, was recently awarded an Impact Grant through The Atlanta Braves Foundation.  Blooper, the Atlanta Braves mascot, presented the award to a very excited and enthusiastic preschool group!  Blooper even joined our preschoolers for a bit of conversation at lunch!

Ms. Pair plans to use the awarded funds to purchase sensory play materials and STEM center kits for her classroom. Included in these kits are sensory beads, sensory rings, sensory balls, as well as kits to build bridges, vehicles and buildings. These sensory activities will play an important role in developing and supporting language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.

Our Lewis Elementary School preschoolers will be a busy group!











Jeannie Watson, Special Education Preschool Supervisor

Contributing Teacher: Kim Pair

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