Pitner Elementary School to Partner with South Korean School


Pitner Elementary School to Partner with South Korean School

Several years ago, Christina Yi traveled to the United States with her family to work as a freelance Korean translator.  

She lived in Acworth with her two elementary-aged daughters and husband. Her daughters attended Pitner Elementary School where the girls thrived and fell in love with the school staff and the Pitner community.  

The Yi family left Acworth to return to South Korea, but Ms. Yi took what she learned from her time in Georgia and started her own private English school for Korean students. When it came time to name her new school, there was only one name that she liked—Pitner. She chose to name her school after the beloved school that her children attended and adored, thousands of miles away in Acworth.  

She honored Cobb’s Pitner Elementary, which was so near and dear to her family’s hearts, by naming it Pitner English School, which currently serves about 50 students in K-5.   

After Pitner’s principal Dr. Ashley Hosey learned about his elementary school’s twin school on the other side of the world, he set out to create an international partnership between the two Pitners. To help kick off the partnership, Ms. Yi visited Cobb’s Pitner in February. She spent the day meeting students, teachers, and observing some classes. Ms. Yi even sponsored snacks and coffee for the Pitner staff at the end of her visit.  

Abby Sandlin’s third-grade class will be Pitner Elementary’s first pilot classroom to connect with their international peers as digital pen pals. Sandlin, who speaks Korean, taught her students some basic Korean so they were able to introduce themselves in Korean to their Korean guest when she visited their class.  Students also asked her questions about Korea, schools in Korea, and students in Korea. 

“This International Educational Partnership will greatly benefit both students at Pitner Elementary in Acworth and Pitner English in Korea,” said Dr. Hosey.  

The Cobb County School District Technology Department helped establish the digital connection between Pitner Elementary students and their Pitner peers in Korea. 

The Cobb County School District World Language Department is also working to help Pitner create a World Language club/program to give students the opportunity to learn Korean and possibly other world languages in the After School Program.  

“With the support of our District and community partners, there may even be an opportunity in the future for students and teachers to visit each in an exchange program,” Principal Hosey added.  

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