CCSD School Psychologists at The Center for Civil and Human Rights

CCSD’s school psychologists had a powerful day of engaged learning at The Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Cobb County’s school psychologists were privileged to share the morning with our amazing docent, Mr. Byron Powell whose personal experiences and passion for human rights was inspirational.

Psychologists participated in experiential learning activities highlighting the struggles of citizens and activists in the American Civil Rights Movement.  Mr. Powell challenged us to apply the principles of nonviolence and social justice to our actions for others.  He guided us through CCHR’s exhibit on the Global Human Rights Movement.  We were inspired and challenged to continue to advocate for the needs of students who may be viewed as “different” because of many factors including race, disability, gender, or ethnicity.  It was a fascinating window into how people with differences/disabilities are treated throughout the world. After our powerful visit, we returned to Griffin Middle School and participated in a data driven discussion of ways we can support students, their families and district staff.





Christy Jaffe, Supervisor
Psychological Services

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