Amputee dog gets a Prosthetic Device

Lassiter Engineerng Research and Development

Mr. Mitchell’s Engineering Research and Development class recently had the task of designing a prosthetic device for an amputee dog.  The assignment is part of a bio-engineering project that uses a “real life” scenario. The class consists of senior students who have been in the engineering program for four years. The students were challenged to research, design, build, and test the devices on their patient.

The “patient,” Parker Ping, is a Pug rescued and owned by Mr. Mitchell. She is missing a front leg at the shoulder due to unknown circumstances. As she ages, she is having mobility issues along with arthritis in her remaining front leg.

On her first visit to Lassiter, Parker Ping the Pug came in for measurements, gait videos, and brainstorming sessions among two engineering teams. She came to Lassiter a second time for preliminary fittings and adjustments.  She will visit a third time for the final fitting and conclusion of the assignment.

The students used a variety of materials to engineer their prosthetic devices. Materials used included straps, Velcro, wheels, springs, Vex structural parts and a variety of fasteners. Also, they were allowed to design and print parts on the 3D printer.

The students enjoyed the challenge and authenticity of the project. Parker enjoyed all of the attention from the students, and hopefully, we can eventually give her some comfort and relief for her disability.


Jacquelina Brown, Supervisor
Career • Technology • Agriculture Education

Contributing Author: Ward Mitchell, Engineering Teacher

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