The theme for this year’s Special Education dance was “Under the Big Top .”

The energy was palpable for over 600 special needs students, student volunteers and educators who descended upon Kennesaw Mountain High School for their annual Special Needs Dance.  Laughter, giddiness, and an overall sense of overwhelming joy enveloped the Kennesaw Mountain High School gymnasium as students entered the building, smiling ear to ear, and readying themselves for an unforgettable experience.

Since 2001, Kennesaw Mountain High School has been the host for one of the most exciting events of the year.  Themed “Under the Big Top”, this year’s dance once again provided a unique experience for participants and volunteers.  With a sea of balloons moving across the gymnasium floor to the rhythm of students dancing to soul thumbing music, this year’s event expanded on a tradition that has spanned many years.

With participants enjoying snacks and beverages on the periphery of the gymnasium floor and looking up as onlookers grinned watching the excitement rage on the floor, a high level of energy was contagious.  Throughout the day students were seen line dancing with their classmates, grooving to new tunes as they met new friends and bopping their heads to music with their teachers.  With a DJ that helped to create a milieu rich with a mix of popular music and energetic encouragement, a diverse group of students created another memorable event that will forever be in the hearts of all of those who attended.

Brenda Carter, Director
Special Education

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