Bryant Elementary Celebrates Math Week

We love math so much, we’re having a math week!

Bryant Elementary families celebrate Math Week at Kroger

The awesome coaches, staff, and students at Bryant Elementary kicked off the beginning of November with Math Week. This week was aimed at the following targets:  

  • To develop the pupil’s knowledge and enjoyment of mathematics 
  • For the children to enjoy math together 
  • To develop the children’s awareness of links between math and other subject areas 
  • To allow students a chance to try new things  
  • To develop strong mathematical thinking skills 
  • To raise standards and expectations for all students 


The students kicked off the week enjoying snacks while visitors including District personnel, parents, and school partners came into classrooms to read math literature.   Thursday, the Bengal family held a Family Math night at Kroger and raffled off three (3) gift cards, just in time for Thanksgiving.   

Bryant teachers and coaches celebrate Math Week at Kroger


The remainder of the week included STEM activities, parent workshops, and QR codes for students to earn math bucks by completing a special activity.  Students earned math bucks to buy their way into themed classrooms on Friday.  Teachers from every team transformed their classrooms into spa oases, movie theatres, and craft centers. Students used their math bucks to hangout in these cool places after a week of hard work.   


Well done, Bengal Family! 

Tiffany Honore´, Director
Title I

Delores Thompson, Supervisor
Title I

Natalie Hutchins, Supervisor
Engage I

Contributing Author: Laura Franco, Academic Coach, Title I

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