Engaging and Inspiring K-2 Practices!

Intentional Conversations About Teaching and Learning


School and district leaders met to gain additional knowledge about K-2 learning characteristics, observe K-2 classroom instruction, and collectively discuss the types of learning experiences that are engaging and inspiring. This level of commitment promotes relevant teaching practices and reflection. During K-2 Learning Walks, the district’s youngest learners are the focal point. Together, school and district leaders take a moment to learn, think, and create.

Throughout the year, school and district leaders meet to discuss characteristics and attributes that make the K-2 learning setting unique. During K-2 Learning Walks, district and school leaders observe classroom instruction and lead debrief conversations based on their observations. The goal is to reflect on what is taking place and what can bring the work to the next level.



Teaching and learning is positively impacted when school leaders observe, analyze, and reflect collaboratively. K-2 Learning Walks provide the opportunity for frequent intentional conversations focused on students and learning. Some of the instructional implications school leaders discuss include the levels in which K-2 students are learning, speaking, and engaging. Each participant reflects upon the content students are being taught, speaking opportunities that students are being afforded, and how teachers plan for engaging learning opportunities that appeal to the K-2 learner.




K-2 learning walks take place throughout the year at various host schools. Visit #cobbearlylearning via Twitter to see more photos.


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