Peer 2 Peer Tutoring

Have you ever found yourself trying to explain something to someone, but it just is not clicking?

Educators experience this from time-to-time when explaining various concepts to students. Many educators incorporate strategies where students can help each other grasp concepts by literally speaking each other’s language. The Digital and Multimedia Department took this concept and decided to digitize it.

Since Spring 2018, students from Wheeler High School have served as interns within the Digital and Multimedia Learning Department. In addition to learning more about the work of the department in the development of CTLS Teach, the interns had the opportunity to create their own contributions as well. Dubbed “Peer 2 Peer” tutoring, the interns used their own experiences along with subject area standards to create resources to support the learning of those concepts. Two students created instructional videos. One created a video game. Another created videos and an interactive timeline. The current intern is working with Flash to code an interactive resource to teach students the notes of a piano.

By providing students with the opportunity to create and support their fellow peers, the Digital and Multimedia Department, through Peer 2 Peer, has provided students with the opportunity to use their voices to guide their peers.

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