Best Practices in Cobb

Personalized Learning takes on many shapes and forms throughout all of Cobb’s schools, but at the very center of every example is student responsibility for their own learning.


Teachers play a very important role in creating and planning for the optimum environment for each student to experience this paradigm of success. Research has shown that students who set goals and track their progress with regular feedback are more likely to make greater gains than students who do not (Hanover Research, 2012).

While shadowing a student at Simpson Middle School last week, it was apparent that personalized learning is a fundamental principle practiced in many classes throughout a student’s day. From Chorus utilizing student voice and choice of selecting the Spring concert selection of Bruno Mars, “Just the Way You Are” to Biology where students demonstrated the progression of the organism to its Biosphere through an individualized art project, students were taking ownership of their learning.

The student below is working at her own pace in a Social Studies Computer lab where she begins with the warm-up question, “What is the process by which cutting down trees leads to death?” The main focus of the class time was for students to independently take notes on a teacher created worksheet and online powerpoint of the geographic regions of Africa and the Middle East. When students finished, they were directed to finish a US Test Prep assignment and upon completion, they went to their account. (This educational tool personalizes learning of vocabulary words based on a student’s skill level and provides various venues that compliment multiple learning styles).

In 50 minutes, students were immediately challenged with a thought-provoking question, worked on what they should master for the day, reviewed for mastery and/or remediation of the standards and finally expanded and strengthened their knowledge of common vocabulary words that will help them beyond this class.

Cheryl Crooks, Supervisor
Personalized Learning

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