McClure MS Earns Library Learning Commons Certification

The number of Library Learning Commons Certified schools continues to grow!

Congratulations to McClure Middle School for earning their Library Learning Commons Certification.

With the leadership of Cara Harpin, McClure’s library media specialist, the support of the library media parapro, Susan Chambless, the guidance of the principal,Dana Carlton, and the collaborative efforts of the teachers and staff, McClure has shown a vision and commitment to 21st century learning and future-ready education for their students.

“Cara’s program is definitely outstanding. This was especially evident in her design of her intentional spaces and the “extras” she has developed to increase student involvement…she has total student buy-in as she involves students in so many aspects of her program…an exemplary model for LLC Certification.”

~Library Learning Commons Advisory Board Member

Collaborative teaching and learning is at the heart of a Library Learning Commons, and informs the design of both the program and the space. Click here to learn more about Library Learning Commons Certification.

Holly Frilot, Supervisor
Library Media Education

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