Who Keeps the CCSD Warehouse Moving?

In case you did not know, there is a warehouse in Kennesaw, near the McCollum Airport, where the district houses its print learning resources materials.

Kevin Long, Warehouse Coordinator

We are very proud to have Kevin Long, Warehouse Coordinator, and Troy Jones, Inventory Specialist, running the Warehouse.  Kevin has been with the district for eight years and Troy has been with the district for four years.

Troy Jones, Inventory Specialist

The functions of the Academic warehouse go beyond housing books though.  Kevin and Troy serve in many other roles as well.



Here are just a few:

  • Manages the preparation, inventory and distribution of textbooks to every school in the district for new adoptions.
  • Provides support and training for local school contacts, Learning Resource Administrators (LRAs), on the use of the inventory system.
  • Works collaboratively with the Technology Services team in the continued development and improvement of the inventory system.
  • Coordinates the deliveries and returns of requested books across the district.
  • Coordinates the delivery and pick up of Star Labs across the district.
  • Manages the Learning Resources Inventory system to ensure the accuracy of records

Dawn Hudson, Professional Learning Supervisor, Marta Anderton, Secondary ELA Professional Learning Specialist, and Trudy Delhey, Social Studies Content Supervisor.

It is especially busy for the warehouse during new textbook adoptions.  We are very grateful for the support of the Academic Division during this time.  In order to make this fun as well, we held a “Barcoding Party” for the recent Science and Social Studies adoption.  Many members of the Academic Division pitched in at the warehouse to do the important task of barcoding textbooks!  Many hands make light work!  And fun too!  What a help!!

The warehouse staff is proud to serve all the wonderful students, teachers and staff of the Cobb County School District.

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