March celebrates Music in our Schools

With March being Music In Our Schools month, a month dedicated to supporting school music, this is a great time to recognize this importance and take a look at why schools need to have music education programs. Cobb County Schools continue to have superb music and arts programming!! Our students are showcased in multiple ways, including LGPE performances at all levels (elementary, middle and high schools) and in all disciplines (general and choral music, band, and orchestra). Along with these adjudicated performances, CCSD schools showcase student talents through musicals, PTA performances, talent shows…just to name a few.

According to “The Importance of Music Education in Our Schools” by Joshua Pedde, Artistic Director, Indianapolis Children’s Choir (, we know that research supports children who study music show greater brain development and memory improvement within a year than children who receive no musical training, according to the Arete Music Academy. Additionally, the Journal for Research in Music Education tells us that children in music classes tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than their peers. Students in high-quality music programs also score higher on reading, spelling, English and mathematic tests, reinforcing the need for fine arts programming in our schools and community.

In our 21st century society we continually talk about students’ mental, emotional and physical well-being and our need to help offer better support. Involvement in music does just that, according to the International Journal of Music Education. Students in music gain an increased sense of empathy, strengthening their emotional sensitivity by reinforcing emotional intelligence. Music fosters happiness, relaxation, and stress and emotional release in young people.

We salute all of the performing artists in our CCSD performing groups and ensembles!!!

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